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Loyalty Program

Don't forget we appreciate each and every one of our customers so to show just how much we will stamp the back of our business card that you will receive on your first order with a Smiley Face. For every time you order you get your Smiley Face and once you have reached 10 orders you will receive a 10lb box (or equivalent value) of free produce on your 11th order!

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Temporarily Closing

We have bee hit with some unfortunate circumstances and will be temporarily closing for a few months. Please keep your loyalty cards and crates as you will need them once we are back in full swing. Th

Overstock Items

3 LB Onions $3.00 5 LB Onions $5.00 5 LB Potatoes $3.50 10 lb Potatoes $5.50 Tomatoes (imperfect) $10.00/flat or $1.50/LB Due to market increases some of our prices have been affected

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