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The butcher just called we have (2) 1/4 beef up for grabs. Each weighing a total of 176lbs for a total cost of $878.24 for each 1/4. Cut wrapped and in your freezer for an amazing $4.99/lb. if you are a big beef eater save some money off the grocery store prices and put some of that green back in your jeans.

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3 LB Onions $3.00 5 LB Onions $5.00 5 LB Potatoes $3.50 10 lb Potatoes $5.50 Tomatoes (imperfect) $10.00/flat or $1.50/LB Due to market increases some of our prices have been affected

Happy Easter to all our customers. Have a safe and fun holiday enjoy your families. A big thank you to all who entered the Easter raffle and a huge congratulations to our winners Angela, Lorraine, Ada

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