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We offer delivery to the plant for each shift.

Day shift delivery will be on Thursday noon - 2:30

Afternoon shift delivery will be on Thursday noon - 2:30 day may change if there are lots of orders to accommodate at end of shift.

Evening shift delivery will be on Monday 6:30am - 7am

Please note we will also deliver directly to your home if having your produce delivered to the plant is an inconvenience or you would prefer home delivery. The home delivery will depend on what area you live in, please refer to our delivery day on the delivery area page.

As a freshness protection if you have a cooler please bring with you on delivery day to help keep products cool.

The boxes will be separated into shifts and we will try to have them in alphabetical order as well to help you find your order easily. 

As you are aware we ask for orders to be submitted on Tuesday for the next scheduled delivery. This is to ensure we have picked enough products for your orders. Payment does not have to be paid at time of order as we are aware you get paid on Thursday and may not be able to pay at time of order. You can e-transfer on payday or delivery day.

If you have any questions comments or concerns please reach out to us directly through the site or by text or phone.

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